Well, I’m a little nervous to be saying this, but the pinsandthimbles Etsy shop is now up and running.  In it you’ll find wrist wallets (pictured here) and some nifty purses (I’m saving those pictures for another post, because there are so many good ones). 


Some things have come in handy, like a gorgeous Swedish friend (thanks, Carro!) who doesn’t mind standing around looking nonchalant for the camera when she could be finishing off her neurology coursework.  It also helps to have an amazing and generous photographer like Jessie from jstudios.  Jessie will be photographing our wedding, by the by, and her blog is stunning.


Hang on, I recognise that Schnauzer. 


Happy days.

Please have a look at the Etsy shop,  because I know some of you are experienced sellers and others are experienced buyers 🙂 .  The shop is only in its early days and I’d love your feedback.  Just to tempt you in to have a look, I’m offering a 20% discount to blog readers until the end of May.  Check out at Etsy, but don’t pay: enter the code ‘pinsandthimbles blog’ and I’ll send you an adjusted invoice.