Thank you so, so much to all of you who bid and commented on my quilt auction for the Victorian bushfires.  The response was really humbling: so many of you, from such disparate places, made such generous bids.  Nettie was successful with a bid of $380 plus postage for a vintage sheet cot quilt.  It’s made to order in blues, purples, and pinks.

Extra surprises came from Josie, who threw in $50 just because she’s a sweetheart, and Dan’s aunt Ange, who offered to donate $200 for a tiny scrap quilt she could use as a wall hanging or on the table.  How could I say no?

And that’s how I managed to donate more than I earn in the average week — certainly not something I’d be in a position to do without your help.

Nettie and Ange’s quilts will be in the mail today, along with copies of the thank you letter sent by the Red Cross. Thanks again to all of you for your kindness.

Quilt a) — the happy scrappy

Quilt b) — the vintage sheet quilt.

I think by now almost everybody overseas has heard the tragic stories of Victoria’s bushfires.  Even in the outer suburbs of this city, people are losing their homes and their lives.  I’m not sure I can write a lot more about this.  I’m not eloquent enough.   What frightens me most is that they’re not finished yet.  Summer just  isn’t done.

We’ve all been doing what we can.  Giving blood, giving goods, giving time… I hear the most humbling stories from the firefront of people who’ve lost their houses and their whole families, and still help others.  But what’s needed most now is money to help these families get back on their feet, independent of relief stations and gifts of packaged foods.

I’m a student in part time work, engaged to a full time student.  I just don’t have that much money to give.  What I do have is a big stash of fabric, some time, and a knack with the Janome.  So I’m proposing that we (you and I, readers) make a deal.  I will make someone one quilt — either twin (single) or cot or lap size — in one of the two designs above.  It can be quilted or handsomely tied, your choice.  If you like the happy scrappy, I can personalise it for you with favourite colours or appliqued names — a perfect gift.  You can make a bid in the comments below.  Every cent that the winner pays will go to the Red Cross, who are getting families back together, coordinating tent cities, and making plans to get people into housing they can call their own.  The sale can be made by Paypal, or alternatively I’ll set up an uber-safe Etsy sale for which you can use your credit card.  I will pay to post the quilt, wherever you are.  It will be finished and sent no more than four weeks after bids close.

Bids should be made in Australian dollars.  As a rough guide, one Australian dollar costs 65 US cents right now, or 46 pence.  What a bargain for my overseas readers!

Bidding starts at 100 Australian dollars and will close at midnight, February 28, Melbourne Time.

Please tell any friends and family who might like to own a quilt and/or would like to help.   Link to this post in Facebook or on your own blog.  Send around some emails — please.

NB we don’t acually own the lovely cat pictured above, so your allergies are safe.   Our dog is a Schnauzer and doesn’t shed hair.