It was my birthday on Wednesday, and what could be more exciting than finding oneself featured over at Modish?   I am afraid I may have shocked my co-workers  at the Library with my little yelp of joy!   And then, the very next day, Polka Dot Rabbit took one of these cushions home from the Little Shop of Handmade and blogged about it.  Birthday happiness!

Liz Grotyohann from Cosa Verde made the picture magic above.  Isn’t she a dab hand at mixing and matching photos?  I need Liz to come over to my house and decorate with her eco-friendly finds.  I think I’d be a better, happier person if she did that!

Vintage sheet cushions, how do I love thee?  Let me string together some photographs of the ways.

You’re a ray of sunshine on a white couch.  But you’re also happy stacked up on a duster, ready to go to a new home.

You’re pretty even from far away.


And you just don’t have a bad side!


You even have a great back side 😀


I can’t stop sewing cushions.  Squeeeeee…. more, more more!   I’ve put some in the Etsy shop hoping that someone will love them as much as I do.  So that I can make more!!!!