Miniature Sampler (15cm blocks)

An easy one was just the ticket after block 21.  This is also paper pieced.

Patches in this block: a relaxing 17

Patches so far: 834


Pile of cuttings?  No, that one’s huge.

It’s 16 little log cabin blocks made into one block, 15x15cm.  I saw an ultra-miniature paper pieced quilt at an expo last year, and wanted to see if I could do something similar.  Pencil for size reference:

It wasn’t too hard until it came to sewing the little blocks to each other.  That’s when I needed to be precise, and wasn’t, so a fair bit of unpicking had to ensue.  I like this one.

Sandy, I did try freezer paper, but it doesn’t work for me.  I can’t seem to sew right on the seam, or get sharp points.  Maybe it’s just me!

Patches in this block: an ass-whooping 208

Patches so far: 817

Ok, now we get serious.  I love this block, but at 15x15cm, there was no way I could make it by hand.  I couldn’t even hold the seams — my fingertips are thicker than each of these little triangles.

American paper piecing to the rescue!

For those who are unfamiliar with the idea, you print the block pattern out on a sheet of paper, then trace the pattern to the back on a window or a light box.  Placing a bit of fabric over one drawn ‘patch’, you then cover it with the next, sew a seam, flip the fabric, and keep going.  I won’t go into more detail because there are many many great tutorials out there.

Not all blocks can be done this way, as they need to fan out; this block was created in eight sections then pieced together.  After you’re done, you pull the paper away.  It’s really quite a lot of fun: the only drawback is, it uses a lot more fabric than my old trace-and-cut method.

For more amusement, here’s Harry Potter in APP.

Patches in this block: a whopping 92

Patches so far: 564

This is the first sampler block I’ve made in American Paper Piecing.  I’m not very confident with the technique, as I’ve only made about six blocks this way, total.  But there are certain blocks I can’t make any other way.  Gem Block was training for Linton and String Block (coming soon).

This version of Gem Block is adapted from Block 14 of Gail’s Midget Blocks Sampler (a Depression years sampler).

Patches in this block: 24

Patches so far: 472

This one was fun to make by hand — would have been too small and tricky by machine IMHO.  I drafted my own pattern and then accidentally stitched it in mirror-image.  I didn’t notice the wrinkly bit until I’d uploaded this photo: it’s small enough that quilting stitches will take care of it.

Patches in this block: 31

Patches so far: 448

In other news, NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow so I’d better get to it and figure out some kind of a plot!  And the lovely Bronwyn has sent me this award for hosting the Vintage Sheet Swap.  I think I’d better pass it on to Alex. She’s been coaching me in the art of climbing mango trees, so that I can have a tree in my book.

It needs an iron.

Since the Baby Janers have been making this block, it’s high time to fix mine.  Sad, though, that fixing a block doesn’t get me any higher in the patch tally 🙂

In honour of Block 16 (which makes a nice 4×4 set), some progress shots.  I think it’s about time to update the WIP page, too.

I’m so over that idealistic plan to only post photos of my mini hexes when they’re sewn together.  I will post again when they’re done.  Glory!  Glory, I say!

I’ve cut the pieces for Block 15 again (third down, second along) as it’s not like the original and very wonky.  I also cut pieces for Papa’s Star, and I’m really looking forward to sewing it.  Any Dear Janers done this block in hand piecing?  I’d appreciate your advice.

Unrelated: I’ve decided to join NaNoWriMo and make a book as well as my crafty things.  Note, I did not say a good book.  It may be gibberish. But it will be a romance, it will be 50,000 words long, and I will write it between 1 and 30 November.  I’ve put a progress ticker on the sidebar so you that you all know where I’m up to, and so that the guilt of everybody knowing makes me actually finish.  If you’re planning on doing it, too, send me an email and we can be online writing buddies!

Also totally unrelated but exciting: we’re going to meet a litter of schnauzer puppies on Saturday.  They’re about seven weeks old, I think.  Sooooooooo excited!  I’ll take the camera so there can be many puppy photos on Saturday night!

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