Grandmother’s Flower Garden (small)

I’m trying to draft a block of the Sarah Morrell quilt from a tiny photocopy. It’s a pain in the head… I think it’s about done and I’ve cut the pieces, but that’s taken me as long to do as I expected to spend sewing the dratted thing!

During the meanwhile, I didn’t have anything to sew whilst watching the end of Babylon 5’s 2nd season (I never caught it on TV, but the storytelling is far superior to most novels I’ve read this year). So I made some hexes.

I’ve decided to keep a little tally of both quilts’ progress under the new ‘Works in Progress’ tab above. But I’m only counting the flowers that are actually sewn together, or I’ll make a hundred and then have to sit and sew them. Tedious. So although there are 18 flowers in this shot, the real tally count here is 12. Out of c.450… yes, I think I am mad. Good to know there’s no hurry. This could be a great hobby for the next decade or two!

Whilst I’m here… a couple of Flickr users have suggested fabric swaps, and I’m open to the idea. I have a lot of different brights and would love to swap small hex-flower-size swatches for more variety in this quilt. Preferably those that aren’t so easy to buy any more. I promise to post photos.

OK, so you really just want the progress shot…


While I’m here… I’m trying to nut out a bunch of fabrics that ‘go’ for the sampler quilt. The first photo is of the fabrics I feel sure of. The second is of them with those (mostly blue) that I’ve discarded. I’d love to hear your comments. Perhaps easiest to tag the photo on Flickr rather than trying to describe the exact location of the fabrics on the page? Or leave a comment. It’s up to you, and I love having your feedback.

Happy quilting… Sarah Morrell block soon.

Safe photo:

Ragbag photo:

This is something I can do when I don’t need my brain. It’s relaxing and it uses up my scraps!

I had so much fun making tiny hexagon flowers for the eee pc case, I’m thinking I might make something larger with this. On total area covered, I’d need 450 to make a queen size quilt. Might not make it that far, but let’s see!

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