Grandmother’s Flower Garden (large)

Nobody knows what’s choking my lemon tree? OK, fair enough. Neither do I, and I’ve been working on it for a year or so. It was worth a shot though, hey?

Here’s a pretty picture of something else I’ve been working on for about a year. I do a little, let it go, pick it up again … you know how it is with the big projects, be they quilts or books or whatever it is you like to make. Now I have enough whole flowers and almost enough half-flowers to finish. It’s just a question of sitting still for long enough to sew them together!

I was thinking today, as I wrote that last post, that I haven’t posted a finished block in a while.  It’s because the block I’m working on is INSANE.  VIz:

It’s called “Flying Swallows”, and it will be the LAST eight-pointed star with seven tiny tiny pieces per point that I make.  I do think this would look phenomenal done on a larger scale.   By somebody else.

While I’m being honest, here are two other reasons why I rarely finish things.  In addition to the wrist cuff plan and the dress plan, I still have this to finish piecing:

And I’ve been waiting to quilt this since 2002:

I made this in my final year of Sculpture at the VCA.  It was part of an installation in a group exhibition at Artistcare (thanks be to them for letting us put our stuff on show).  I showed it in a hoop, in the process of quilting.  I thought then that I would never quilt it, that it was great as an installation.   I think now that I’ll never sell it, and it would be better keeping someone warm than making a Statement in the hallway.  But that means I have to quilt it (

Expect a Flying Swallows block …. someday.  Meanwhile, don’t let me start anything else!