If I had to choose one thing to sew, and had to stick to that one thing for the rest of forever, it would be quilts to welcome babies into the world.  Because when you take a simple quilt and add this:

It’s just all kinds of better.

Would you please welcome Bethany?  She is, by my estimate, now ten days old.  She is the daughter of my longtime friend Caroline and her husband Kris (in fact it’s their first wedding anniversary this week, so what a sweet present).  Caroline and I used to muck around making plays at Uni: she wrote them late into the night and into the morning, and I made sets and costumes at variable levels of competence and crazy.

I can’t believe we’re both at the stage of life where we’re getting married, settling down, being grown ups.  Bethany is a new and incredibly real step forward.

Although, come to think of it, Caroline is probably getting about as much sleep as she used to when we were 19.  So we’re not yet past it!