A traditional block, pieced by hand.

It’s winter in Melbourne and I have had one of those weeks that comes out of nowhere: $2000 in different bills and insurance dues have come all at once, and my beloved van is in emergency care and will certainly cost thousands to fix, if it can be fixed.  I hurt my back and haven’t been able to teach (stress?) …

… and today is by far the years’ coldest, so naturally the hot water heater is dead.  Did I mention it’s a long weekend?  Do you know a hot water installer who works long weekends?  Neither do we!

We shall be walking to the public pool for our showers.

So I needed comfort food and comfort sewing: a chocolate pudding with cream followed by a very old, very loved block known as Basket of Lilies.  Done by hand, because.  I’ve seen it done on-point in so many delicious and covetable Depression era quilts and have always wanted to give it a go.  Well worth it.  Wouldn’t it just be the perfect block to show off those perfect, but too tiny scraps you’ve been saving?

Patches in this block: 36

Patches so far: 914