This patchwork top was made for a lovely couple who wanted to bring a little part of the sea into their home.

…. and it’s just about big enough to swim in!  At almost 3m square, this will drape over the sides of their fabulous king size bed. They fell in love with my stash of vintage sheets (who wouldn’t?), picked some of their favourites, and we worked from there.

I’ve chosen a green polka-dot binding, but because it’s so big, this one will have to wait until I can book it some quality time with a long-arm quilter.  (Melbourne quilters — if you’re interested, let me know!)

This was a big challenge for me: my design wall (AKA 2.4m square piece of batting nailed to my studio wall) was too small and I had to work in quarters.  The first time I saw it whole was in GJs when I went to find some batting and backing.  I’m feeling pretty happy with it, all told.  It has the right mix.