We just got back from a week’s honeymoon on the Surf Coast.  In between defragging the house to make it kinda worthy of amazing wedding gifts, I’ve been watching this.  Over and over.  It really was the best day.  And now I’m Mrs Shea, which feels weird of course — and very awkward when I need to sign my name — but it’s wonderful.

The dress — well, you know about the dress!   I was worried it would look odd but I loved it and I’m so glad I made it myself.  My sister-in-law Mel (yay, I can call her that now!) made my earrings and the bridesmaids’ jewelry.  My brides-men refused to wear jewelry but Evan and Peter rocked their hot pink ties!  Everyone went to a huge effort to decorate the clifftop, to look their best, to get music going, to make cake… it was an overwhelming day of special kindness.

If you would like to see static photos, there are a few on Jessie’s website and I’ll share more as I get them.

Excitement aside, I am very much looking forward to having more time to spend here on the blog, not least to share with you the fun DIY bits and the final details on the dress!  Hint: that weird-looking guest book is not destined to be a book for long…