I’m writing a post for today about The Dress, but first there’s something I want to get off my chest: I don’t write this blog as often as I once did, or as often as I want to.  I know that some of you (particularly those who come to read at the site, rather than using a feed) are noticing the difference.

When I started this blog I was on an extended holiday between careers, and now that I have found a new vocation there’s an awful lot of work and retraining going on.  Because that vocation is sewing and designing, many things I do and make are relevant to the blog.  On the other hand, I’m balancing 3 days of paid work with 2 nights in school, at least 1 day a week of homework, a business in startup, managing a household while my fiance Dan finishes the hardest year of his own studies, and making a wedding for 90 guests happen.   Let’s be clear: I’m not complaining in the least.  I chose this (well, everything except the extra housework part).  But weeks will go by before I get the chance to sit down and write a post.  My hand quilting, too, is packed away for a little while.

In mid-February my course ends and we’ll get married.  Soon Dan will be a real human being again with the capacity to cook dinner and vaccuum occasionally.  Till then, I’ll be here when I can and I hope you stick around.