It’s taken me over a week to choose a winner of my Sew, Mama, Sew May Giveaway.

This is Not Good Enough, and to prove it,  bad karma is playing with my blog stats.  Since I wrote this post, an ever increasing number of the people coming to this blog are searching for ways to tell somebody ‘I’m leaving you’.

This is horrible and it has to stop.  I’m choosing a winner and then can we please all go back to thinking about wedding dresses and vintage sheet quilts?  I liked being found with those search terms.  They’re good and cheerful search terms.

Alrighty then.  Well, if you’ve had even a cursory look at the responses, you’ll see why I’ve been putting this decision off.  So many amazing answers: so much effort from so many people.  I feel like I’ve got the world’s biggest to-do list.  To summarise: I need branding (in the works, I should be able to show you some cool stuff this week); more things (working on it!) with formal designs and summery neutrals; designer fabrics (good point, and I’m starting with my favourite Amy Butler fabric); better thumbnails and a bigger range of them; action photos of the wallet (oooh, sounds like a good excuse to go out this Saturday night); a policies section; kids’ wallets and some suitable for elderly folk (working on them –I’m planning something that opens with snaps rather than a button);

oh, and (take a breath)

patterns.  Great idea!

Good lord.  What a list!  I need to take a nap.   But before I do, I’ve decided to offer a number of gift vouchers because the standard of comments was so high and so incredibly helpful.

The main prize — now upped to $35 USD in light of currency value changes — goes to Wendy, who offered a number of little gems of advice I”d never heard such as changing the shop title to take advantage of Google searches.

Smaller vouchers of $10 USD go to Eleanor, Amymarie, abcgirl, Nadine, Katie, and finally Holly (because I have to love a grammar snob).  I’ll send you all emails soon.

Thank you to everyone who commented!