How could I not join in the fun that is Sew, Mama, Sew’s May Giveaway?

I’ d love some advice on my new etsy shop.  So please help out by taking a look.  Leave a comment here on any aspect of the shop that could use improvement: anything from shop design, to more products, to a colour of fabric you feel is missing, to… well, if I thought I could figure this out all on my own, I wouldn’t need to ask for advice!  Alternatively, suggest a subject you’d like to read more about on the blog.

In return, I’m offering a prize of a gift voucher (30 USD, some of which can be used for shipping costs if you wish) to the store.   This is enough to buy and ship a wrist wallet, or to get yourself one heck of a cheap new purse.  Best comment gets the prize, and comments close midnight, May 31.