Remember this post?  I read your helpful comments and even took it to the good people at Craftster.  I tried about ten versions, but all of them were different shades of meh.

Velcro was a great idea but in the end it turned out to be slightly too bulky.  Also, the stud closure on the outer edge of the wallet would lift up and stick out.  Functionally these things were OK, but it was important to me that these look good as well as being practical.  After all, you want a ‘secret pocket’ to stay secret, most of the time.  The best way to do that is to make it look like jewellery or clothing.  Besides, if you’re wearing something out, it should be comfortable and make you look good.  Basic principles, ladies!

It’s so often the case that what a design needs is time.  I came back to the wallets a few weeks ago and have added a buttonhole, a vintage button, double lining in silk dupioni or Kona cotton, and a slim invisible zip for the pocket.

I’ve been wearing them around, and people have been sweet enough to suggest other uses for them.  Walking the dog (who wants to take a handbag?), and kids’ lunch money or house keys were the most common suggestions.

How would you use one?  Would you use one?  Would you suggest another design change?

As it is, I will be opening an Etsy shop sometime in the next two weeks, something I haven’t done before.  I plan to make new versions of the wallets in this picture with a neater, handwrought buttonhole.  I’m busy matching fabrics to my button collection.  Then I think they’ll be closer to perfect. And if you’d like one, you can have one!