A cheery post for you today: our Engagement BBQ.  Always classy, us!  We even bought the expensive sausages 😉

Above, Best Man Andrew, Dan (complete with ‘Dan’ sticker on forehead so that my friends and rellies from out of town wouldn’t be confused), and me.  Below, Dave with 8 week-old Katherine.  You may remember Katherine from when she was a bump, the recipient of the Hungry Caterpillar scrap quilt.  Katherine’s hobbies include sleeping and eating.

Many many more people were there, but not many photos were taken.  It just wasn’t a photo kind of day, if you see what I mean.  More about beer and charred sausages wrapped in white bread.  A very Oz engagement party.

Oh yes, but a few photos were taken of The Dress.  The super-amazing Kate from eviegreenpixie made this for me.  I asked her for a long green dress to match my green ring, with a pocket, a halter top, and a fitted waist.  I can’t imagine how the end result could have been more gorgeous.  Thank you Kate!  (Have a look at her Flickr set and her Etsy shop here).

That’s my Mum, BTW, bringer of sausage rolls, and blueberries and cream.  And my tomato plants on the side path.

I’ve been wearing The Dress  every time I get the chance and expect to have worn it to shreds before the end of summer.  At least there’s the days I have to go to work, so it can be washed 🙂

If the engagement party is anything to go by, I won’t have time to talk to anybody for more than a minute at the wedding but I’ll have a bloody good time anyway 😉  And that’s why we’re having another BBQ the next day.  So we can get at least a moment with everyone.

Wedding plans are steaming ahead.  Two weeks ago I met Georgie Stanton, whom I’ve booked to do flowers.  The reception venue is chosen and booked — the Queenscliff Hotel looks to me like it stepped out of a Henry James novel.  Hopefully not The Turn Of The Screw.  (We won’t be using the green decor they have in this photo!)  There’s a long  informal dining room which opens out into a sweet garden, complete with fountain.  I think if it’s hot in mid-Feb next year (and it seems likely) we can move in and out of the garden as we wish.  And the rooms have no TV or radio or anything to remind you that there’s a world outside the wedding.  For foodie Victorians, it was Mietta’s not so long ago…  although ownership has changed and it’s taken a while to find its feet again, it still has that air of indulgence and a great menu.  We still haven’t chosen a spot outside to get married, but that’s for this weekend.

It does feel strange to be doing all this booking of things a full year in advance, but we’re fast learning that weddings don’t work on the scale of anything else on earth.  Unless you’re Lucy Tartan, of course, and you have your wedding in your back yard with your chooks for attendants.  Which is a completely awesome idea.  We hope, cross fingers, that our wedding will just be a different, weekend-long kind of awesome, rather than a $50,000 epic tale.  This is supposed to be the national average spent on a wedding (I’ve also heard $40,000, which is still stupid).  A few months ago I wouldn’t have been able to imagine how someone could spend that much money on one day.  Now I see it’s very easy to do.   Can’t possibly say ‘I love you’ without that 3-tiered decorated white chocolate mud cake, please sign here… can’t commit to somebody for life without a Vera Wang dress… geesh.

OK, maybe that’s as much wedding as I can inflict on you today!

The quilt auction has five days to go and is currently favouring Nettie!   Please dig deep… it’s such a good cause, and you’ll get a quilt to show for it.