Well, by the time I got to it with my camera, one and half of these things were not like the others!  This tomato is called ‘Stupice’, and the variety is rightly famous for early ripening.  Yay!  First tomato!

Silverbeet – ol’ reliable.

Pak Choy, which I’ll have to harvest and eat soon because we’re due a week of 40C heat.

Purple King beans in flower, with guard puppy.

And paprika chillies.  I love the way they curl, don’t you?

Oops, I am a SLACK blogger.  I do realise that I’ve posted about very little sewing recently.  I’ve posted very little at all in fact.  The banner looks positively ridiculous up there with its careful hand quilting from a time when I sat for more than ten minutes at once.   It’s all weddings and gardens, gardens and weddings!

I’ll subject you to this, one more bunch of garden photos, before I tell you about recent adventures in sewing.  Yes, I have had some.  Please stay as patient as you have been with me!

Life is so busy.  Part of that is due to taking on paid work in my ‘break’ from the PhD, and part of it is the garden (it needs So Much Watering in the drought).  A bigger part of it, though, is running around trying to plan a wedding.  Because, fearless readers, Dan and I set a date — Feb 13, 2010.

Was this ever dumb!

We looked up the tide times in the little beach town where we want to get married, and booked a lovely old hotel for a Saturday when tides would be lowest at around 4pm.  The 13th.  And then, about three days later, realised we’d booked for the Valentine’s Day weekend.

Romantic?  Sure!  We’ll have guests stay overnight and have a BBQ breakfast with us on Valentine’s Day.  We’ll be all newly married and stomach-turningly self-absorbed in the little love-bubble of a wedding.  Our guests will be able to stroll around and go to the beach after the BBQ.  Delightful.  And yet this is also very, very unwise.  Because now we have to book a celebrant, a florist, and a photographer, by about five minutes ago.  EVERY woman with a sparkly ring on her finger wants to get married on the Valentine’s Day weekend.  Except me, but somehow I’ll be there too.  So I will be nuts for a little while with organisation, but I’ll try and keep you all posted.  In fact, I may well run ideas past you. Anybody seen a nice white dress recently?  Anybody got any ideas for bonboniere I can make myself?