So sorry for the lack of posting!  I’ve been so extraordinarily busy looking after the little one (whose head is just now resting on the keyboard) and desperately typing in an effort to catch up on NaNoWriMo.  I’ve grown a full week behind because of the dog (hard to privilege book over a puppy who won’t be small for long) but I’m still determined to finish.  4,300 words of writing yesterday, don’t ask about the quality, and I’ve promised myself I’ll do 5000 today and tomorrow.  Then go buy myself a cocktail — or some gardening equipment.

Why gardenalia?  Because, my friends, after six full years of popping around to make sure I haven’t been dropped again from a waiting list at the bottom of a dusty filing cabinet at CERES, I have a plot in my local community gardens.  CERES is a magical place on Merri Creek where people build sustainable paradises and grow their own food, something that most of us in the inner suburbs can never do.   When I first moved into a share house in Carlton I put my name down and cycled around most weeks to see what everyone was growing there.

I’ve yet to find out how the water situation is out there (stupid drought), but I’m dreaming of capsicums, chillies, eggplants, all the things that are failing here because the *()(&$#$% possums are eating them and because they’re not getting enough room or light.  I’m going to pick mine from four possibles tomorrow morning and will take photos.  See you then!  So happy, so incredibly happy.