The four sections plus centre were easy to piece, but difficult to put together.  I’m no gun at inset seams on the machine.  Perhaps if I come up against another block like this, I’ll piece the segments on the machine and then use good old-fashioned needle and thread for the final seams.

I’m yet to try out freezer paper piecing as Sandi suggested; I’d already started String Block when the comment came up.  Next one, promise. I can’t guarantee that that will be soon, though; there are some major Other Things happening.

One, I’m belting away — there is no other word for it — at NaNoWriMo.  I have to write 1,667 words a day or I fall behind.  Which would be easier if I didn’t have to earn a living or anything trivial of that nature 🙂  The book is terrible, absolutely without a doubt the worst fiction ever put to paper.  It doesn’t even have the virtue of being silly.  Many WriMo writers chuck ninjas and pirates in to spice things up, but I’m after a manuscript that could be non-toxic after a rewrite.  I need plot, and I have none.  Today I am writing 600 words every hour, on the hour, as fast as possible.  Then I’m free until the next o’clock.  I won’t subject you to a sample of the dialogue this method encourages.

Two, we’re finally, finally picking up our puppy on Friday at 11.  Then we’re heading straight down to the beach to introduce him to Mitzi, my parents’ dog.  Lots and lots of photos will ensue, without a doubt!

Maybe I need a puppy in my NaNoWriMo…  hmmm…

Patches in this block: 45

Patches so far: 609