This little one (is it William?  I’m sorry, hon, I’m just that way with names) has very little to do with the subject of today’s post, which is the Hungry Caterpillar cot quilt.  But he was at the party, he knew how to eat a strawberry the right way, which is to get it all over your face whilst sporting matching gumboots, and he struck a gratuitously adorable pose when I asked if I could take his photo.  So he’s in and he stays.

Went to Krick’s baby shower today and could finally give her the quilt Kate and I made.  I’m glad you like it, Krick. Best of thoughts for mid-December!

Would you like Smiths with that?  Another little one would like to be in our photo, please.  Or at least have us help open the packet.

The Melbourne Uni crew: Zoe, me, Krick (whose belly is holding the quilt out nicely), Alex, Sarah, and Bron.