It’s an important, impossible choice, and it seems to have been made.  There were three black and silver pups in this litter.  The breeder, Lorraine, wants to keep the girl, so we had to choose between ‘blue’ and ‘purple’ (so named because Lorraine uses different coloured collars to tell them apart).  How can you choose between pups at seven weeks?  They’re just starting to become personalities.  They’re all a little shy and very sleepy.  They all like to eat.  They all smell like puppy.

In the end we went with instinct — ‘blue’ is a bit smaller and a bit more lively.  We like lively.  And he went to sleep on my arm just as another family walked in wanting to see the black and silver males: I’m afraid I got a little possessive at that point.  Could you have resisted him?  I thought not.  So here he is in the pose that got him chosen, we hope successfully:

Things are finally falling into place.  Bar another disaster, we adopt Dog-Named-Blue-For-Now in three weeks.