I mentioned in the last post that I reached two milestones this week: 10,000 views here and 20,000 at Flickr.  As they fell so close to one another — within 24 hours — I thought it would be fun to celebrate the happy coincidence.  I also had a free afternoon to sit and sew because Dan and his friends were using the lounge/kitchen to play at being knights and wizards and suchlike, and eat strangely coloured junk foods.  On these days, I like to be somewhere else 🙂

So, would you like a pincushion, made entirely by hand from a mini hex flower, and some chocolate, made entirely of chocolate?  Leave me a comment, it doesn’t have to be witty — just say you’d like chocolate, or tell me a joke.  Tell WordPress your email contact (it won’t be published).  I’ll pick a random name on the 15th and send a package out to wherever the winner lives.  Happy mathematical coincidence to everybody!

PS Vintage sheets go out tomorrow.