1950’s dress: it’s saying ‘make me, make me’!

Everything today is a-go-go; photos a-go-go, breakfast a-go-go and blogging a-go-go.  Why?  In one fell swoop this blog hit 10,000 page views* and my Flickr account hit 20,000 views.  Neither are quite a year old.

I should do something to celebrate.  But what?  How?  Something for all of you, certainly.  A giveaway!  Yes!  Let me think about it.  Until I come up with something, have a look at some glorious pictures of historical costumes from a private collection I visited recently.  If you’d like to see more photos or see these in other sizes, the flickr set is here.

This cross-stitched dress makes me think twice about 1920’s fashion.  I’m someone whose curves make the 20s seem like sartorial torture, so I’ve never seen the beauty in flapper gowns or tennis dresses.  I’m selfish that way: I think dresses are prettier if I can see me wearing them.  This, I covet.  As a soft summer house dress: I can see me waking up in my immaculate embroidered-sheet white bed (ha!), pulling on a chic swimsuit and then pulling this over the top, grabbing a basket and sunglasses, and wandering down to the pool or the beach for a wake-me-up swim.  Lovely.

‘How now, extremely lovely woman in shimmering brown?’

‘Well, I do look gorgeous, but this skirt and shawl do trail in the mud so.’

‘Ah, I have just the thing!  A skirt lifter!’

Here’s another (from about 1810) that would be quite wearable today with a few simplifications.  Of course, for me I’d lower the waist and ruin the empire line completely, so perhaps someone else should make it.  For their 16-year-old long haired brunette daughter who loves painting, Joni Mitchell songs, Richard Brautigan’s poetry, folk guitars, and fields of flowers.

OK, last one.

This is a dressing-the-bride scene with clothes sourced from 1900 to 1910.  I love the photo because the bride can ‘see’ a 60s mod girl in the mirror.  I didn’t even realise that until I uploaded the photos just now; I like to imagine that she’s thinking ahead to what her granddaughters will wear once they get rid of the corset.  Still, she does feel pretty for her wedding and she hopes the world won’t forget to love lace.

I love clothes.  I really do.  AND, I still have Australian Quilt Convention pics to show you!  We don’t need a sewing machine to have fun with this blog, do we?  See you soon for more photos.

*I love WordPress, but I wish it counted individual visitors.  Grumble grumble.