Go tomatoes!  Go yellow pear!

Ok, so it’s not about speed, it’s about quality… but still, maybe for future reference it’s worth mentioning that Yellow Pear was first out of the ground. And they’re off!

Since I have a small garden, I like to grow things that are hard to find in the shops. This year I’m planting:

  • San Marzano (a highly coveted Italian paste tomato)
  • Mortgage Lifter (a huge late tomato, I’ll grow one plant just to see if it’s possible here)
  • Yellow Pear (an early fruiting, good tasting yellow tomato)
  • Black Krim (one of the better purple varieties)
  • Evergreen, and
  • Rouge de Marmande for great taste and early fruit, just in case summer is short or cruel.

Is that enough? No? Lazy Housewife beans and Scarlet Runners too if I can find somewhere to put them. Ancho peppers because there’s a lack of Mexican chillies in this hick town (joking, I love you Melbourne, you have so many chillies). Sweet peas, yes I know they’re late. They should live and bloom until Christmas. Night blooming tobacco and evening scented stock for heady fragrance at night once the jasmine finally gives up. A Mexican Orange Blossom to grow in a pot. Moon flower — it’s unlikely to work here, but I want to give it a try in a warm spot because its gigantic, fragrant, white blooms spin open at night. Nasturtiums a-plenty, not that you really need more than one bush because they take over the universe. Strawberries, except the possums are eating them. Roses, except that the possums and the caterpillars are eating them. Passion fruit, except that I don’t know WHAT is eating them.  Geranium cuttings begged from neighbours and stolen from back fences around town. Russian sunflowers to replace the lemon tree and help me forget that I ever loved it. Butter beans. Creeping gardenias. Hardenbergias for the dry bit at the back that I always forget to look after. Phew …

I’ve almost forgotten about the bike/sewing machine dramas! Thanks for your kind comments … in a few days I’ll rustle up the ransom money and get my machines back.