Remember the mournful bunch of sticks that once was a sage bush?  Of course you don’t.  You have better things to do than to memorise the small details of my garden’s life!  Here’s a reminder!  Well, here it is again, four weeks later.  In fact, it’s starting to show flower buds, so I expect those lovely blue sage flowers soon.

I love plants.  How could I ever have forsaken my garden?  Well, there is the small matter of the thousands of new diseases that I discovered on moving to Melbourne’s warmer soils.  But I’m about to do something drastic about them, too.  I’m going to rip out the sad little lemon tree upon which most of them overwinter, and spray some Confidor about.  I’m sorry, bugs.  I’m sorry, Earth.  Organic gardening worked wonderfully when I didn’t have neighbours so close that aphids could hold block parties.  The pyrethrum and garlic spray is good for strawberries, though.

Does anyone succeed with organics in the city?  I’d love to know how.

Ooh … I almost forgot … the chives are sprouting!  The MQA laughed for a long time when he saw me taking photographs of soil.  Humph.