Are in season!!!  Custard apples aren’t so pretty, but they also taste damn good and I’m grateful to have them, too.   Would you like to hear a story about mangoes?  Of course you would.

When I met the Masculine Quilt Advisor,* and it seemed as if we were hitting it off, he asked me a question:

“Do you like mangoes?  This is very important.”

I had been living in France and had missed the whole Australian season, so the subject was dear to my heart just then.  After I subjected the poor guy to a lengthy rant on why do the French import only those horrible big cannonball mangoes that taste like turpentine, and what’s wrong with a glorious squishy little Kensington Pride, but those long ones that go into Vietnamese green mango salad are great too … well, yes.  Mangoes have been good to me.  Yay, mangoes.

Thanks for listening.  I haven’t stopped sewing, although I’m sure it seems that way recently.  I’m finishing a huge two-quilt project and trying to write a tutorial.  Details by Sunday, promise.

*I just asked him if it was OK to blog about this, and he says, yes, and maybe I should just call him Dan.  Blog, meet Dan, Dan, meet blog.  And yes, I am aware that we are collectively DananAnne.