This was just as much fun as a project could be. (First stages were blogged here.) My favourite part is the bottom left hand corner, with tiny postage stamp squares, a flower, and a miniature block:

My lovely Perth friend Kate Hicks and I started by cutting and sewing at random. She ironed and trimmed while I pinned and stitched: it’s lovely to have company in the sewing room, isn’t it? It’s rare for me these days, what with both Hicks sisters living in other cities. I’ve tried to persuade the Masculine Quilt Advisor to try sewing, or at least ironing, but he seems quite content with … not.

Anyhoo … I quilted, bound and washed this little cot quilt almost a week ago, but I’ve been waiting for a sun beam in which to photograph the quilting. On the subject of quilting: what is WITH invisible thread? Do human beings actually use this stuff? How?

I loaded it as instructed, with a purple cotton in the bobbin to match that lovely button print backing. Then within minutes — nay, seconds — it proceeded to make a wretched mess. It caught in my machine. It cut my fabric. To add insult to injury, it was nearly impossible to pick out. I did some Googling and found that it has KILLED cats and dogs who’ve unwittingly swallowed the evil, slicing stuff. YUK. An image ran through my mind of a baby schnauzer puppy in my sewing room, which was nasty … and seconds later I remembered it was a BABY QUILT. For a living breathing (well, soon) tiny defenceless little baby. Oh. My. God.

I was sorely tempted to take the thread back and throw it at the sales desk, but the girls there meant well, I’m sure. Instead, I cut it out, all of it, slowly, and dealt with the fuss of changing top threads instead.

OK, enough ranting. Pretty, isn’t it?