Some of you out in blogland and Flickrsville have been enjoying oh, fransson‘s Vintage Sheet Swap. I had a lot of fun with it myself, but I’ll also be the first to admit that postage to and from the US turns those pretty little fat quarters into some pricey vintage.

Would anyone care to try an Australian version? If you would, I’d be happy to co-ordinate it. Rules would follow oh, fransson’s general model:

You should send me as many fat quarter (18” x 22”) sized pieces as you want to swap, with a limit of 50 this time (this number may be highered or lowered depending on the number of responses). Fat quarters can be from pure cotton or a mix up to 50/50 percale; they can be from yardage or pillowcases or wherever you like, as long as they’re still in good condition. Fat quarters can be of any style and colour, but try to keep it clean and vintage (70’s and earlier, no solids or quilted fabrics, nothing overtly 80’s, no licensed comic/tv character sheets please). Please include a postpak with full return postage. Once I have everyone’s pieces, I’ll send each swapper a new package with the same number of fat quarters she sent. I’ll try to honour as many requests for certain looks or colours as I can, but you should expect to get a mixed bag back.
Of course, swappers from outside Australia would be very welcome, too. Let’s say, leave a comment here (make sure you tell wordpress your email address so I can find you), by September 1. I’ll send out my details to you soon afterwards. Fat quarters would be due by October 1, leaving everybody lots of time to collect and cut.
For ideas, have a look at the lovely pictures in oh, fransson’s dedicated flickr group. My own first try at a vintage sheet project is in this post. Are you in? Good. Let’s swap! As far as I’m concerned, if we have more than 10 swappers, we’re good to go.