Apart from the crafty mess of it all, this makes quilting worthwhile:

Mum just called to say that Grandma’s been showing off her quilt to anyone and everyone, telling them that I made it for her. Yesterday, the nurses put it in the cupboard, but she got it straight back out again and had a nap. Grandma’s had more and more trouble with memory until now she needs people around to help all the time: little memories like gifts and the whereabouts of things are the very first ones likely to go holidaying. My brother and I bought her some pretty excellent Haigh’s soft centre chocolates, which she flatly denies having received but which disappear from the box periodically (cute, huh?). The quilt, though, she does not forget.

Now that I’ve got your attention with my heartwarming quilt story, would you like to tell my why my lemon buds are dropping off the tree? What is this?