I ventured out today to make a preliminary sally at the weeds.  In amongst what is really now just rosemary, sticks, and grass, I found some signs of life that I thought were worth sharing.  Like this little guy, whose colours make him very sneaky but also almost got him weeded (I’m glad I missed):

He kept watching me like that for a good half an hour.  I hope he liked the part where I found these tulips, budding far too early for their own good:

And these — sage buds!  In just 48 hours, the sage has figured out that it’s been pruned and has sent out reinforcements.  This quick growth happens when you lop off the top piece of a branch: chemicals are released which tell latent buds below that they’re allowed to be leaves now.  I know the name for this… but my Year 12 Biology has deserted me for the time being.  Anyone know?  It happens rather spectacularly after bushfires, too.

I found the mint, still alive if just – blame this creepy crawly and his camouflaged friends:

And then I found a female red back spider and her nest a few centimetres from my hand, shrieked in a brave fashion, took a deep breath, killed her and the little spiders dead, and have ceased weeding until someone goes shopping and buys some gloves.

Gardening here is never boring.