In fact, too busy to post!

I spent this Wednesday photographing about 230 entries for the July Quilt Showcase, which is on with a craft fair at Jeff’s Shed until Sunday 5pm.  It’s absolutely worth going to have a look if you’re in Melbourne, and I have a lot of pictures to show you, but they’ll have to wait until the next post.  Because I have photos of my own!

My friend Kate came to stay last night, and we went a bit nuts in the fabric cupboard.  I’ve been trying to decide on a pattern for a baby quilt: our mutual friend Kristy (Krick) is a few months pregnant and in need of some crafty goodness.  Kate and I played around over and over with different combinations, and eventually decided to hack out bits and pieces of any fabric we thought was good for a little baby and a toddler.  So we have some pretty pieces from the Vintage Fabric Swap, some frogs, a caterpillar, two miniature blocks that had no other home, some musical notes that Krick gave me a few years ago to make a quilt for Kate’s sister, a tropical bird, apples, buttons … we didn’t plan or measure, we just cut and sewed and added extra bits when what we had wasn’t enough any more.  Hence some dodgy edges that will have to be cut down a little.

I’ll stipple quilt it by machine if I can figure out how.  Otherwise, straight lines should be fine.