Thanks to everyone for such lovely comments on my green dress! I’m enjoying wearing it. The next one is in the works, I’m basting darts at night, a few at a time, so that it doesn’t get tedious.

So, on with this meme thingy.

Ten years ago – I was in Year Eleven. Does anything interesting happen to anyone in Year Eleven? Am I too young for this meme? I wanted to be Vivienne Westwood, or a famous chef.

Nine years ago – I was finishing high school, planning a new life, making myself clothes and quilts so that I’d be ready. True story. Life in the country was … safe … not what I was after just then. I wanted to be Jean-Paul Gaultier: it was about this time that The Fifth Element came out.

Eight years ago – I moved to Melbourne to start an arts and creative arts degree. I was excited to be living in the city around lots of likeminded people. I particularly liked my Clash albums and my ripped fishnet tights 🙂 I took up the guitar and drove my floormates, one of whom had perfect pitch, nuts. I wanted to be Joan Baez.

Seven years ago – I think? it was this time – I love that I can forget the date – that my Mum got sick and started a year’s worth of intensive cancer treatments. She’s done with that, by the way. I was trying to balance that with study. I became a vegan (unrelated).

Six years ago -I was planning a Brilliant Career as a sculptor, making lots of costumes and sets, and went travelling to New York to study art for a while. I wanted to be Andy Goldsworthy.

Five years ago – I set up a new share house with a lovely friend, Rebecca, and we read many books. I started to feel sure that literature and writing were going to be more important in my future than art. Back then, I felt as if I had to choose. I wanted to be Virginia Woolf.

Four years ago – Was a dark year full of deadlines and self-doubt. Moving right along …

Three years ago – I was happy to be over the last year, and writing about food and poetry in a newly started Master’s project. I spent a lot of this year drinking wine and reading Marvell in parks with folks who read Continental philosophy. I stopped being a vegan; it was all just too hard. I still wanted to be Virginia Woolf.

Two years ago – I was learning to love the single life after a couple of false starts, learning to teach and to speak French. I was starting to put heart and soul into that Master’s project. I got the last line of one of those Marvell poems (‘yet we shall make him run’) tattoed on my foot, and I still love it even though it’s a bit wonky.

One year ago – I was a ball of stress, but life was exciting! I had my first piece of non-fiction writing accepted. I was back from France and Asia, just out of the Master’s for which I’d worked ridiculous hours … I didn’t have an income to speak of … but then I met the Masculine Quilt Advisor. Nuff said. I gave up trying to be Virginia Woolf and started trying to be me. Not sure exactly what that means yet, but I’m sure I get more fun out of pretty dresses, romance novels and pop songs than poor Ginny ever did.

Last night, around 7pm – this isn’t in the meme, but I’m putting it out there anyway – I called work ‘done’ for the day, ate a delicious honey soy chicken made by the MQA, who lives here now, and went off to run a bath and read a Novel of Popular Appeal. Later, or on the weekend, I’m going to finish the dress that I’ve started thinking of as ‘The Very Hungry Dress’. Life is good. Excellent meme!