This one is put together from a kimono-sleeve 1953 dress pattern (Simplicity 4448). This is the first time I’ve tried making anything from a real vintage pattern (rather than a reproduction) and I was a little worried. Also, the pattern really isn’t built for a stretch jersey. Happily for me, it all went together quite smoothly.

Some notes: the cutting directions are wrong, and omit an essential piece (facing c). I put 2″ extra in the waist, as per usual, but it was totally unneccessary. 1″ would have been entirely satisfactory. I’m going to put that down to a style change which has modern waists sitting higher than their 50’s equivalents.  It needed an extra button, and would maybe even benefit from a third.  The pattern was also far more complex than I’d expect a shirt dress to be: four darts in the back and six in the front, with some tricky side fastenings. I also had to put another dart in the centre back, just because I’m built that way. After finishing, I cut the hem as it was sitting 3″ below the knee (dowdy!) but I do think this is now a little on the too-short side.

So this one took a lot longer than the wrap dress. No big bickies: I’m really just testing in order to use it again in this fabric:

Do you recognise it?