Would you like to see the pretties? I have 30 of them now, though they’re not all sewn together. Work has been all-absorbing for a while (this is a good thing), and the new edition of Vic Quilter has taken some time to get ready. Jan (co-editor) and I had to learn how to use Publisher and it seemed every guild and their dog had an article that needed re-formatting and printing. The magazine has a tight deadline – it’s a new thing for me. Whether I’m trying to have my own writing published or editing other people’s work, I’m almost always dealing with the academic press. Deadlines are vague and mysterious in academia, and it’s not at all unusual to wait six months for a response, have another three to edit your work, and then first hold your printed article a year or so later. The process is frustrating at times, but it also allows time to think and to edit very carefully. It feels odd to make quick decisions and to field and make urgent phone calls.

It’s nice to have a hobby for the end of the day:

Susan’s swap fabric arrived today from America, and I’m only sorry that the sunlight has gone and I haven’t got a better picture to show off all the pretty colours. Thank you so much, Susan! I hope your aquas get to you soon. I’ll post another, better photo when these are nicely stitched up. I don’t have any of these fabrics, and I love them all – although I think the purple swirls are my favourite.