A simple one today. Jane used colour patches for the four corners of this block. I didn’t mean to make it differently, I just … forgot … somewhere between printing the pattern and cutting the fabric. I didn’t notice until I went to find the block number for this post. Oh well, can’t be helped, and nor can the fuzzy points. I was paying more attention to films this weekend than my sewing.

On that point, have you seen Salaam Namaste? If not, go down to your local Indian spice shop/DVD outlet, and get it. It won’t cost you more than a few dollars for a double feature. It’s set in Melbourne with a mixed cast (Bollywood stars, Australian and Indian born Australian and Indian actors in every combination, cast members’ wives and boyfriends, and others such as Tania Zaetta as an adorably histrionic love interest). The script flicks from Hindi to broad Ocker and back again without a hitch. It does come with subtitles. Plus, you get to meet an Indian Crocodile Dundee and his hilarious blonde girlfriend, and this film deals with some pretty big problems with honesty rarely seen in Bollywood, or Hollywood. There is a whole lot of eye candy, so don’t be expecting honesty in terms of the house these characters can afford – it’s in Lorne, anyway, not Melbourne – or the wedding scene on the beach, in bikinis.

Love a bit of pop on the weekend.

Patches in this block: 29

Patches so far: 383