Those of you who know me know my addiction to streamed TED talks. Every year these guys get a bunch of the world’s most fascinating people, from art, medicine, architecture, even juggling, and get them to talk/juggle/play for 18 minutes. If you don’t know TED, for heaven’s sake get yourself over there now and fill your brain and your broadband account with a sugar high of TEDdy goodness.

Ok, so one of my favourites on TED is Erin McKean, who spoke last year on the job of a lexicographer. Erin is the Chief Consulting Editor for American Dictionaries at Oxford UP, and also edited an edition of The New Oxford American Dictionary. She also blogs about words at Dictionary Evangelist.

So that’s great, because she’s talented and young and funny and still manages to take her son roller skating on the weekends. How awesome can a person get?

Much, much awesomer. Because, on a very different plane, I’ve been reading A Dress A Day, possibly the world’s funniest fashion blog (all about vintage dresses and dress patterns). For weeks. And I finally realised that Funny Dress Blogging Erin and Cool Dictionary Geek Erin are the same disturbingly hyperactive amazing person!

Listen to Erin talk about finding new words for the dictionary. And then waste what’s left of Sunday watching TED. You know you want to. Bring the family.