When BF and I were a new item, he was very nervous about letting me fix his clothes for him, because he was worried I was doing ‘women’s work’ for him.  He preferred to pay a tailor himself.  Go, feminism!

Now that I’ve pulled out the machine and finished the green dress, he’s come to me with a screen capture:

He wants me to make him Darcy’s overcoat.  No: he is pining for Darcy’s overcoat.  Exactly like Darcy has, but in black.  He tells me he’s wanted one since the BBC series first came out ten years ago.  And I know he needs a coat of some kind because I watched him shiver in his suit and shirt at a funeral last week.

What could be easier?

Has anyone made a coat before?  Does anyone know where to go for tips and tricks?  I’ll need to seriously alter a modern pattern, because I haven’t been able to find a repro pattern to match.

Is this ridiculously ambitious?