It’s finished! Hurrah. Still hand piecing, still at 15 x 15cm.

Patches in this block: 64 (!)

Inset seams in this block involving pieces 1/2″ or less: one bajillion, give or take a million

Seams I had to unpick: about ten

Seam intersections involving eight pieces of 1/2″ or less in this block: one too many.

Undemanding television absorbed: “Dodgeball”, “Transformers” (fun!), “Persuasion” (love!), “Death at a Funeral”, “Starsky and Hutch”, and “Withnail and I”. I realised that I know someone who is trying to be Withnail, and that it explains a lot.

Patches so far: 354

Would you like to try this for yourself?  Perhaps on a larger scale 🙂 ?    Here’s the pattern.