OK quilters and sewists, please help me out!  This is definitely not your Nana’s sewing problem.

I made this wrist cuff a while ago to try and solve a problem: when I go out to a club, I want to dance. I don’t want to be holding on to a purse while I’m dancing, and even when I stop, I’d rather be free to move about without minding said purse.  Since the dear BF doesn’t dance often and the dear gay friends who DO dance are as worried about ruining the lines of their clothes as I am, there’s no giving anyone else my purse to carry.

The solution seemed to be to make something decorative that wouldn’t look like a wallet, but would hold money for drinks, and the little paper tag for the coat check. I’d like to develop the idea a little further: the clasp is a little bulky and unlovely, and I’d like to see it in other colours, maybe designed in such a way as to make it a real piece of jewellery. Advice and ideas much appreciated!