This one is giving me the irrits. It’ supposed to turn out like this:

Maybe it’s just too small! Or too small for the method I’m using. You can see here that the first quarter is all wonky:

I can’t seem to make it go, no matter how careful I am. The method worked for my larger “Robbing Peter” block.

Here is the process. Perhaps someone has pieced some very small curves before and can see what I’m doing wrong? I’d be so grateful for advice.

1. Print pattern and a picture of the block. Cut out pieces.

2. Set pattern piece on fabric: take care that outside edges go along the straight grain.

3. Draw around the piece with a pen. Use Chaco liner with quilting ruler to mark seam allowances.

4. Cut *just barely* inside the pen markings, making sure to cut away all traces of ink.

5: first pin through each corner.

6. Twist and pin through other corner in the same way

7. Stretch and pin in halves, then halves again, keeping edges together. Stitch. Press, then sew straight edges together as for a normal block.