This block is also known as “C-12: Family Reunion” to those who make “Dear Jane” Stickle quilt reproductions.

We had a lazy Sunday indoors this week (no moving on account of the heat), so I got to use my new Chaco liner. What a difference a fine line makes in miniature blocks! This time I used a new method of cutting and marking (of which, more when I finish the Indiana Puzzle) and the marks couldn’t be tinier. So it all went together with nary a thread out of place: you can see how precise the Chaco tool in this upside-down shot of the wheel. It’s a tube filled with chalk dust which falls down when the wheel is turned. The resulting mark is less than 1mm thick.

So I was able to keep my seams under control, unlike last time:

And I’m quite pleased with the result:

I have a few niggling concerns here. Is it OK to have those wavy little puckers on my seam lines? If they’re not something that’s desirable in hand piecing, how can I get rid of them? I’m blogging so that I can get better at this, so please help. Also, I tried to hand quilt a little gift-sized piece with this patch size last night, and it was a struggle. Is this the way it goes for miniatures? Will quilting be a chore rather than a pleasure, what with so many overlapping seams?

In any case, I’m pleased with this.

Patches in this block: 49

Patches so far: 70