Otherwise known to ‘Dear Jane’ quilters as ‘B-3: Mirror Image’.

This is one of my all-time favourite block patterns. And it can be done in so many different ways. One of the best was on show at the AQC – ‘Circles of the Past’ by Judy Day:

Isn’t that pretty? And it’s a charm quilt, too, which means that every fabric in it is different.

So, for my simple block, I chose the traditional two-colour scheme, and cut in much the same way as for the Four Patch. Now that I blog about it, I realise that I didn’t take progress shots, and therefore deserve your wrath. This is supposed to be a warts-and-all process blog. Well, for now, here’s a description on how to do it. And to make it all up to you, I’ll make an Indiana Puzzle as soon as my chalk comes, which is four of them in the space normally allocated to one – and take embarrassing progress shots of me piecing really tiny curves.

Patches in this block: 8

Patches so far: 21